adidas china: CREATING POWER

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The brief

Connect the Chinese female audience with adidas' Here To Create platform. In a market where female athletes are portrayed in a "soft" way, make it resonate with realness.

the campaign

Creating Power: the personal stories of two powerful Chinese athletes. Show the real, unfiltered ways they use creativity to find their own agency and rise above.



Ning Chang

Famous Chinese actress Ning Chang isn't what she seems. Just try boxing her into princess roles, and she'll break right through. As a promising young lawyer, Ning left her career in order to pursuit acting. She uses that same courageous creativity to constantly push herself to try new things – pushing any perceived limitations in the process.



Hui Ruoqi

As captain of the Chinese National Volleyball Team and Olympic Gold Medalist, Hui is a phenomenon. But by all means, this formidable Hitter shouldn't have made it this far. At a young age, her coaches told her to quit because she had "no talent." As a teen, she dislocated her shoulder repeatedly on court. And just 5 months before the Olympics, she had heart surgery. But for every challenge she faced, she used her creativity to find a new path forward.


"I've never seen a Chinese woman look like that in a commercial. WOW!"

- China market testing