In May 2014, I spoke at AKQA Insights; an ongoing thought leadership seminar hosted by the agency for prominent C-level executives. Titled "The Limitless Generation," this event gave the stage to five rising voices within the agency. I was one of those five speakers.


The Network Effect

Titled "The Network Effect," my presentation analyzed social behaviors of both animals and humans to find more effective ways of working. It built from two crucial insights. The speech pivoted on the insight that it only takes 5% of a flock moving in unison to change the direction of the entire group. From this behavioral truth, I proposed new ways of messaging to consumers and pushed that we update our methods of working to take full advantage of the means that modern technology provide us.

My talk was so well received that multiple executives, from companies such as Visa, Sky UK, Ubisoft Gaming and Nike’s Jordan Brand, requested I present it to their internal teams. Ajaz Ahmed, AKQA’s CEO, then invited me to London where I had the honor of presenting to the entire AKQA network.