Found on Facebook Marketplace

Facebook’s new buying and selling community was growing, but without a clear voice or direction. To differentiate it from other selling sites, I focused on the incredible community at work within Marketplace. I created “Found on Facebook Marketplace,” a content series that explores the human stories of opportunity, growth and connection found behind the items.


Found: Entrepreneurship

Elizabeth turned her passion for equestrian into a new career building horse jumps.


Corey sources 100% reclaimed materials from Marketplace, using them to build a fully sustainable new home for his growing family.

Found: Connection to a lost father

Andrea used Marketplace to finally fulfill a promise to her dad; learning to play the piano.

Found: Support for her son

Janette sews custom aprons to help afford her son’s Autism therapy.


Debbie just wants to support her daughter Mia’s dream of dancing, and she uses Marketplace to afford the many things this dancer needs.

Found: Community

Mark uses Marketplace to grow his surf brand and connect with the local community.