The challenge

GoDaddy was a known name, but years of poor (and sexist) advertising had left people with a negative perception and little idea as to what the company actually did.

the idea

Giving people a platform has always been in GoDaddy’s DNA. And in a time of cultural change, that’s more important than ever. Our campaign celebrated & inspired a wave of positive entrepreneurship.

make the world you want

A spotlight on the makers changing culture. A challenge to unleash your entrepreneurial spirit. 


introducing the new godaddy

Our manifesto film aired at the 2019 Grammy’s, introducing the new brand tone and vision. It’s inspiring, empowering, and filled with Makers who act as tangible proof that you can do it, too.


what kind of world do you want?

This :30 film put our Makers front and center, inspiring people with their unique and diverse visions.

WELCOME TO their worlds

Partnering with six diverse Makers, we transformed their missions into stunning visual worlds.
These immersive, one-of-a-kind sets became the backdrop for a series of content that told their important stories.



normalizing mental health

This brave musician is cultivating an open conversation around depression, anxiety, and mental health.

Due to anxiety, El had only ever spoken through a digital voice. Upon reading our script, she was so moved that she decided to reveal her real voice for the first time ever.

Giving this artist the confidence to share her voice is a highlight of my career, as featured in this Variety article.


dan peterson

restoring communitY PRIDE

Dan is the founder of Project Backboard. This nonprofit goes into neglected communities and restores basketball courts, using art to transform them into a center of pride. His beautiful work has an astounding effect, bringing people together and elevating places that are often overlooked.


Lyn Slater

making fashion inclusive

Known as the Accidental Icon, Lyn is the 64-year-old style icon who shuns ageism and challenges everyone to simply dress how they feel. She’s bold, fearless, and fighting for a world without rules around women’s looks.


Tyson Toussant

the eco entrepreneur

Founder of Bionic Yarn, Tyson saw a problem, and decided to make a solution. With no manufacturing experience, he created a way to turn reclaimed plastic into thread – breaking our wasteful consumption cycle and building a more sustainable economy.



bringing people together

At a time when people are busier and more divided than ever, Ayesha just wants use food to bring us together. She’s modernizing old traditions in hopes of helping families reconnect, and keeping them healthy at the same time.


Paloma Teppa

Reconnecting people with nature

The sustainable architect behind Plant the Future, Paloma shatters urban environments with immersive natural sanctuaries. She designs places that grant people serenity and the opportunity to commune with Mother Nature.


We turned our product films into letters to future makers, building a relationship tonally and showing how GoDaddy can help them along the journey.

the results

GoDaddy saw their most positive reception of a campaign ever.
The press was overwhelmingly positive, the social conversations were powerful, and the numbers were better than any before.


2.9 Billion

3.4 Million
Total Engagements

+16% Increase
In Trial Sign-ups