Google Home

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The brief

In 2017, Google Home was getting dominated by its competitors. Smart speaker advertising was oversaturated with the same, soft family lifestyle look. For the launch of the new Mini and Max, Google Home needed to stand out.


We created a fresh, cheeky, culturally-relevant campaign that hit hard on all the amazing stuff Google Home can do. With "Like Only Google Can" as our leading line, we created countless eye-catching ads that playfully showed our superiority.


the whole enchilada

For such a mini product, this campaign was massive.

20 films, 8 print ads, countless culture partnerships, and 1 pop-up donut shop. This film gives you a taste of it all...



The Mini Launch

Using a circular visual style and fun pop culture references, our films announced Mini to the world. Individual films dived into everything from cooking to streaming like only Google Home Mini can.



The Max Launch

For Max, Google Home's exciting music-centric addition, we mixed things up. Ditching the circle in favor of Max's rectangular shape and bringing hard-hitting music partners.



Mini christmas magic

In order to make a splash, we decided to do something extra special for Christmas. We reinvented the formula, and brought the magic of Google Home's "Talk to Santa" experience to life.


We used the iconic circular imagery of our films to create visually-grabbing print ads.


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Racked up hundreds of millions of impressions.



Increased sales, exceeding all holiday projections.



Increased brand affinity and intention to buy.