the brief

For the summer of 2016, Starbucks tasked us with creating a Frappuccino campaign that would inspire conversation and drive sales throughout the season.


Frappuccino has taken on a life of its own with millennials. We leveraged their social vernacular with bite-sized, gif-inspired Frappuccino content. Built to inspire sharing and stoke conversation, as if sent by their best friend.



Happy Hour induces a fervor in fans every May. We wanted to give them content that mirrored their excitement – quirky, creative, and completely unabashed. It started with a countdown video in the week leading up to Happy Hour. Then we released videos to celebrate the little victories our fans experience during Happy Hour.



Frapp On-the-go

Starbucks didn't want to just drive in-store traffic – they wanted to drive purchase of their ready to drink bottled Frappuccinos. So we heroed the playful, on-the-go lifestyle these bottles make possible.




Once we'd stoked conversations around Frappuccino as an icon of culture, it was time to hit hard on flavor. We created a unique, playful world to tell a different story for each Frappuccino flavor.